We bring forth everything that makes the product unique.: whether in live action, CG or photography, our savoir-faire lies in visually telling the product’s story in a creative manner. Our extensive experience in the realm of luxury makes us experts at presenting the world of beauty with a high end, sophisticated aesthetic and there are no boundaries to our imagination: we bring together diverse talent to offer smart, unexpected stories.

We also believe the key to a memorable product campaign lies in solid branding coupled with a strong visual narrative. Our creative strategies are anchored in brand recognition without ever compromising on creative vision.

In addition, because we know renewal is key and that time is of the essence, in Finé 3D studio adheres to the principle of creative investment and offers a world of flexibility to our clients.


With headquarters in Paris, in Finé is an exclusive studio dedicated entirely to serving the needs of the luxury industry.
As a part Quad Group, we have limitless production capabilities and constantly seek out new partners in design and technology to remain at the leading edge of creative innovation.

In the U.S, in Finé x Good Company brings the in Finé savoir-faire to the U.S. market to answer the needs of global luxury campaigns.
Our partner, Good Company, is an award-winning creative studio positioned at the intersection of entertain-ment, luxury and culture who creates groundbreaking works for artists and brands that include Beyoncé, L’Oréal, Nike, Pharrell Williams, Lexus, Kenzo, Tom Ford, Beats, among others.